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Hello! My name is Maria, and I'm the founder of CandyShop Dance Studio. What I've created is more than just a dance school; it's a real world of femininity and beauty, as well as a solid and friendly community for all the women in Atlanta.

My philosophy is that any girl, regardless of age, physical characteristics, or experience, can learn to move gracefully and uncover the best internal qualities within themselves.
It’s through sensual dance that our bodies become more strong and flexible, and our posture improves as we become fitter. The transformation goes deeper than just physical changes; it’s about the profound personal growth that reshapes lives.

You can spot a girl who dances by her self-assured presence, her vibrant energy that’s noticeable even from afar, her love for herself and her body, her charm, and how openly she presents herself to the world.
our mission is to HELP GIRLS
unfold their potential
evolve into
the finest versions
of themselves
our mission is to HELP
and evolve into
the finest
versions of themselves
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