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That's amazing. Maria, thank you so much for teaching us all these! I've never danced on heels before, I would say I was wearing them just 2-3 times a year and here I can see how I've learned such beautiful movements just in 3 classes. I see what I should work on, but it still looks amazing. Thank you!
This classes were a great experience for me and have give me the motivation and confidence that I need it. Thank you Maria for your hard and amazing work, you are the best!!
karem milian
Thank you Maria for being an amazing heels dance instructor. It truly is an ART. The whole learning experience of dancing in heels and being comfortable with my body and expressing myself to be confidentially sexy was empowering. Professionally Recording our group and a photo shoot was the added cherry on top. Your positivity and your passion is inspiring and contagious. I can't wait to join another class!
I've been looking for a dance group for a while and I'm so happy I got the chance to be part of Maria's. The first time I try this type of dance was with Maria in an open class and I've been hooked and obsessed ever since, won't look back. When I first started I looked at the dances and thought “there's no way I'm doing that, it looks really hard" thanks to Maria now I'm like “I don’t know how but I'm doing that” no matter how hard it seems I need to at least try.
Ana ramirez
Hey Maria just want to thank you for everything. You really put a lot of effort into your dancing and it's extremely inspiring to know I can too. When I joined the group I was wanting to really get out of my comfort zone and spend some time with myself to really express myself. I feel like I really found that!
Maria, you are such an incredible lady! I truly appreciate you and your talent to bring Life into Life!
Irina Hall
Thank you Masha for amazing time. Everything was so interesting and beautiful! Thank you girls for supporting and creating this wonderful atmosphere.
Girls, for me it was the best time ever for this last month. Maria and your spouse, really appreciate for yours super professionalism and energy you did excellent work. I enjoyed all time. Girls, you were super hot babes. Love you!
I rewatched the videos and I actually like some of the clips! I can definitely see my improvement from when I started, and learning to be less in my mind and in my body, not just at home but letting everyone experience it. I so appreciate these past 4 sessions and so excited to start with the rest of the group tomorrow.
You know it mades my whole month being on your classes. I keep on joining because this has become my “granito de felicidad" which basically means this is my happy place, my little peace of happiness. This month has been really busy, stressful and overwhelming for me... I could probably say the most since I joined u at the beginning of the year but! I would've been going crazy and probably miserable if I didn't join because the days that I spend with you guys are the days that I've been finding myself looking forward to.
I think one of the things I loved the most about this group was the pace of the choreography and how it pushed every single one of us out of our comfort zone and made us better. The way we keep on growing so fast amaze me. Thank you. A thousand times thank you.
I loved working with Maria! She is a great teacher and you can tell she genuinely loves what she does. I love how she structures the classes and the groups because you get to meet new people and connect with them over weeks. I loved the group aspect because you don't see new people every week, you get to build relationships while learning dances and pouring into yourself.
I loved this final beginner choreography so much!! It was fun and because I've taken beginner before I could tell I picked it up a lot faster. I had other obligations that made me miss quite a few classes but your videos allowed me to practice and keep up no problem which I'm super grateful for!
I appreciated your patience and willingness to help us learn technique even if we didn’t get it the first try! I also love that you lead with example and always supporting the girls with time and communication and dancing technique. I also liked that you were proactive in communicating online tutorials & details/reminder of classes taking place. You were wonderful especially for my first time — thank youuuu!
Maria I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for the incredible impact you've had on my life through your exceptional teaching. Your dedication to the art of dance has not only shaped my technical skills but, more importantly, has played a pivotal role in boosting my self-confidence. Your encouragement and support have been instrumental in helping me overcome challenges and embrace the joy of dancing.
Hey Maria, just wanted to say thank you for bringing a great group of girls together. This week was stressful for me, especially at work. Dancing with the girls tonight really uplifted me and allowed to totally forget how stressful this week was. Many thanks!
This is literally what i love the most! We can forget about everything for a few hours and just have fun and enjoy ourselves. So happy you joined us today and that we all helped u little. Loved the energy girls and them freestyles - chef kiss. Y’all have a great night hopefully I'll see u girls on the groups.
Hi Mari! Hi Girls! I'm Diana R, I hope you all had a safe ride back to home, I want to say I really enjoyed the journey in our first class of Heels Dance, im excited to learn more, step by step, as a beginner! The experience has been SPECTACULAR Mari you're such a GREAT TEACHER (I have told you every time I have seen you), the vibe is so GOOD, and girls, all of you are very NICE!
Thank you Maria for the detailed step by step explanation of the dance moves. You are very patient. I am motivated to bring my better version in the upcoming sessions really enjoyed the class and energy!!
I agree, I have attended many dance classes in the past and this is the most at home I have felt. Thank you for a wonderful first class Maria and I look forward to getting to know all the girlies. I'm introverted and shy but im not mean I promise lol. Have a wonderful night everyone and be safe.
I really admire You, your labor and commitment with your Passion: Dance and Teach Heels Dance. It feels so good trying to learn a new thing having a Teacher like You, so Sweet, with Discipline, unique and spectacular dancing, promoting confidence and a good vibe and energy at the ballroom.
Thank you all for the love and Maria for creating such a positive space! This kind of dance is so new to me and I've been having so much fun.
emma cady
Yes thank you Maria and thank you to all of you girls as well for making this class feel like home away from home I always look forward to my Tuesday and Friday nights now!
Hey Mary, I wanted to tell you how grateful and happy I am to have started taking your classes. I was really scared that I wouldn't be able to do it and yesterday I felt so confident and I finally realized that I'm capable of doing what I've always wanted to do, that is dancing...thanks to all your teachings and your patience. Tuesdays and Fridays are my fav days of the week.
I just wanted to let you all know that this class is the best ever!! I feel amazing to be a part of the dance group, it was so much fun with you all girls. Can't believe this was the last day of this dance group. Excited to continue this journey with most of you!! Thank you Maria for everything you do!!
Thank you all for the most amazing month! I have been doing all types of performance my whole life and i have never felt so welcome and supported in a space. You are all so beautiful and amazing so proud of everyone!!
emma cady
This was so fun I didn’t want it to end. Thank you ladies for giving 2024 such a beautiful start. Maria, thank you for all the love, attention and detail you put into your classes. Because it’s not only such a wonderful way to escape from day to day but it's giving me such a confidence to take on the real world on the daily basis. You girls were all amazing and can’t wait to share with you all again!
Hooray! Such an amazing vibe tonight sharing together, I'm so happy to meet all of you, was so grateful grow about heels dance, it's my first time doing this, Thank you so much Mari for your guide and support.
It has been an amazing journey of growth in my dancing, self confidence, energy and above all to be able to be comfortable in my own skin. This is one of the best decisions I've taken to sign up with Marie for the high heels class! She is very professional, goes over step by step patiently allowing us to understand the moves and get best at it.
This time I’m not gonna cry but I still mean with all my heart how grateful I am for you in I this year that I've been with you. You have helped me a lot and probably don’t even know it. Your classes are my safe place where I can experiment, grow and feel, a place with no judgment, a place that I know I can be me and then whatever else I want to be and it's completely ok.
Hi Mari! I want to say thank for your guide and support on this great journey, it has been my first time doing this and I feel so happy and proud of me about many achievements in a few weeks starting Heels Dance as a Beginner.
Here's the final video for one of the amazing choreographies that @maridancy created for her groups. This was my first experience shooting a dance video and I'm beyond grateful and completely in love and obsessed with this!
This was my favorite dance class/group experience! and I've been taking classes for over 5+ years!! thank you thank you thank you for all of your work and for having such a professional, yet super FRIENDLY AND SUPPORTIVE, environment! I hope you get some well deserved rest and enjoy your next weeks. Can't wait to see you at the open classes!!
Hi!!! I just wanted to reach out and say I'm really grateful to have had the experience to work with you during these past several weeks. I've learned so much and I think it's inspiring to see how much effort you put into your classes, the video shoot, everything. I've definitely have seen myself grow and I wanted to thank you for all that you do for us ladies!
It was amazing!!!!!! Thank you so much for serving us all in your own way. You don't realize how we all come together and forget about our worries and stresses for 2 hrs while with you. I had a shitty day but your class made it 10000x better. Thank you!!
Wow I'm so excited to begin!! This is more than I would have ever expected!! I have been going to dance classes since the summer of 2021. I had never danced before that. The experience the other night with your class was on another level. From start to finish all of it felt so inclusive.
One more time, THANK YOU! By assisting your class I was able to turn a day that usually brings sadness to a night full of positive energy! I will love info on upcoming open classes. Looking forward to build enough confidence to participate in the group class eventually! In the mean time, I keep praying your business grows abundantly and eventually you own a studio.
That was the sweetest thing ever. Thank you for doing that, it made me feel so loved. I loved spending the time with you and all the ladies. The best way to spend International Women's Day.
Thank you Maria for giving me my LIFE and dancing confidence back again. I have been so different since I started your classes!!! I got back to who I am. I owe you the world!
Everything I said is true. You are seriously the most amazing and caring instructor. Many girls I met in the class even noticed the confidence I developed overtime. I can't wait to the day where you have multiple studios and super famous and be like "yup, I was one of her students"!
Thank you so much for helping me discover my confidence and my sexiness because I have definitely struggled with finding that. I am really excited about this journey and thank you so much for this safe space to explore.
It's really hard for me to open up to people, but not only do I want to thank Maria for the safe, gentle landing this class has become but I also want to thank my fellow students because everyone is contributing to that feeling.
I loved every thing! Classes were very informative and your teaching skills where very precise! I liked that I could be myself with no judgement, I can not wait to gain confidence and learn more! Thank you so much!
The environment in the group is just so amazing, I get to be myself without feeling judged definitely a healthy & safe space to be. I love Maria's energy & support towards us and how she always manages to make us feel good with our selves and help us bring out that hidden femininity & sexiness that we got on us.
I came upon Maria's class during a time when I was desperately looking for something to keep me going. Maria didn’t not disappoint. The choreograph was always amazing and put together in ways that made the most experienced and non experienced dancers feel confident. The thing I love the most is Maria’s spirit and true love for the art of dance. She has created a true safe place for women of all age groups, lifestyles, and cultures to let their hair down and be free.
This group of women were amazing! I love that we all come from different backgrounds. But we all came together and danced and motivated each other. I felt the love. I loved to see the beauty in all the women that had different ways of dancing. Whether it was the way they expressed themselves or the emotions they showed. And when it comes to the teacher. Well she the one who organized everything.
l am so glad I joined this class! It had been nearly 2 decades since I had last done any type of dancing and being new to the area, I wanted to find something I'd really enjoy! Maria makes the classes fun and does a great job breaking down movements to teach us how to move in the most flattering way. She truly makes everyone feel very comfortable and builds up our confidence and skill set! What she has to offer is beyond any other class I've taken!
I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing your passion with all of us. Coming into this I was so nervous about what the environment would feel like, or how hard it would be learning something new for the first time, and you made us all feel so welcome and cared for and created a safe and energetic environment for us to thrive. You always show up to every class with a smile and a positive attitude and it helped on days that felt overwhelming.
Thank you girls for making this first time experience an amazing one! Watching all of you dance with so much confidence has inspired me so much to embrace mine too! Also, thank you so much, Maria for creating such an amazing dance community, not only you teach us your beautiful dance gift, but you also teach us to support each other, you have built a welcoming and comfortable environment for all of us.
This FIRST experience with High Heels Dance was so amazing, I never thought I when I came to the first class that last days and final could be like that: filming, photo shooting, best girls, studio, energy vibe more than 100%, party. Can't wait to start next group in July and to see you all again. You are all SO AMAZING!
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